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A few comments gleaned from the reviews of Sleepy Hollow's Paradise Lost episode under the cut for those who do not like spoilers and haven't watched yet:

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29 November 2014 @ 08:34 pm
I have just found the link for the beer Heineken where Max Brown appears.
Always so attractive.
Deeply to see  Sleepy Hollow, but while waiting for January, here is the spot.

17 November 2014 @ 09:03 pm
I was watching the history channel the other night (I know I lead such an exciting life *lol*) and there was Max in a beer commercial! I believe it was for Heineken beer. Everyone be on the look out and if you find the video, please post a link here! Thanks!!
21 October 2014 @ 03:25 pm
According to Entertainment Weekly here Max has been cast in Sleepy Hollow in a "mysterious" role.

On Sleepy Hollow, Fox says he’ll portray “a powerful and mysterious new ally known, at first, only as Orion—a charismatic soldier who possesses a game changing weapon.”

I'm only on season one but I like Sleepy Hollow, seems like a pretty good move for him.
Fox has decided to table drama series “Hieroglyph,” which had been given a series order for the 2014-15 season.

The sprawling action-adventure drama set in ancient Egyptian times hailed from scribe Travis Beacham, Chernin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox TV. Anna Fricke, formerly with Syfy’s “Being Human,” had signed on as showrunner and exec producer.

“Hieroglyph” was developed under Fox’s new approach to drama series development under a straight to series order model. But the additional scripts that were coming in after the formal series order were underwhelming and the network decided to pull the plug before it got in much deeper on the costume drama. The first episode, directed by Fricke, was shot in Los Angeles and New Mexico in the spring.

Fox had yet to set a formal premiere date beyond designating it as a midseason entry.

The decision likely reflects some rethinking of Fox’s slate in the wake of Kevin Reilly’s departure earlier this month as entertainment chairman. There’s been no word yet on a successor but speculation has centered on 20th Century Fox TV chiefs Dana Walden and Gary Newman gaining additional oversight of Fox Broadcasting Co.

Fox declined comment. Although “Hieroglyph” didn’t go the distance. Fox is still banking on its new approach of developing multiple scripts and series prototypes rather than traditional pilots in many cases in an effort to make better use of its programming R&D overall.

“Hieroglyph” starred Max Brown, Kelsey Chow, Caroline Ford, Condola Rashad, Jonathan Rhys-Davies and Reece Ritchie in a “Da Vinci Code”-esque romp revolving around the hunt for an ancient scroll.


I am so saddened to hear this. :(
fififolle very kindly directed me to the trailer for Hieroglyph, and I am passing it along for everyone else:

Looks to be quite interesting. :D

Annnnnd, Zimbio has posted a couple of pictures of Max from FOX's upfronts, which took place yesterday (5/12/14), I believe.

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Ancient Egypt gets a hip, sexy makeover in FOX's 2015 drama series "Hieroglyph," which will freely mix crime, politics, sex and magic, and stars Max Brown, Antony Bunsee, Condola Rashad, Kelsey Chow, Reece Ritchie, Caroline Ford and John Rhys-Davies. Created by executive producer Travis Beacham ("Pacific Rim," "Clash of the Titans"), "Hieroglyph" centers on a career thief (Brown) who is spared prison in order to serve the Pharaoh (Ritchie) who is struggling to retain his power. Upon entering the palace, he is introduced to the world of political corruption, sexual intrigue, underworld crime and the occasional supernatural occurrence (we'd better see some mummy action).


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28 February 2014 @ 09:29 pm
Max Brown To Topline Fox Adventure Drama Series 'Hieroglyph'

Produced by 20th Century Fox TV and Chernin Entertainment, Hieroglyph, which is eyed for next season, is set in ancient Egypt, where fantasy and reality intertwined. It follows a notorious thief Ambrose (Max Brown) who is plucked from prison to serve the Pharoah, navigating palace intrigue, seductive concubines, criminal underbellies and even a few divine sorcerers. Executive producing the project are Beacham, Peter Chernin, Katherine Pope and Miguel Sapochnik (Fringe), who will direct the premiere episode. Filming is scheduled to begin in early 2014. “We wanted to do a show about deceit, sex, intrigue in the court and fantastical goings-on — no better place to set that than ancient Egypt,” said Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly. “Travis Beacham has an inventive mind, and he has wrapped this all together in this intoxicating new drama.”

Source: Max Brown's official facebook posted this link: http://m.deadline.com/2014/02/max-brown-star-fox-drama-series-hieroglyph/

Congratulations Max!! It is about time they made you the headliner in a series! :)
It has been awhile. I am so sorry about that. Thanks to natoo81 we have pictures of Max Brown attending 'The Counselor' special screening in London.

The Counselor Special Screening, arrivals Odeon West End, Leicester Square, London, October 3, 2013.


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Please let me know if people are still interested in checking in here. In this day and age where actors have their own official twitters, facebooks and websites, it sometimes makes little fansites like this obsolete. Believe me I would rather get the information right from the source myself so I completely understand! I am curious to know what people think.
10 February 2013 @ 12:00 pm